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Import Permits


A veterinary import permit must be obtained for all animal products (including samples). The importer must be in possession of a South African veterinary import permit before the consignment departs from the country of origin.


In some instances dispensation can be granted from certain of the requirements for the importation of animal products for commercial purposes. A permit drafted specifically for samples is issued. It differs from the one issued for commercial purposes. All the requirements of this permit must be complied with.


Arrangements must be made well in advance.  Agreement must be reached on the storage and inspection site. The premises must be inspected and approved beforehand by an official of this Directorate.


The product is then inspected, the importer or his client does the necessary tests / evaluation and the product is destroyed in the presence of the veterinary official.


Should you require more information please contact Dr M Lewis at tel no 012 319 7648, e-mail OR Import Export Policy Unit Contact list


Application forms and information concerning the issuing of, and payment for permits can be obtained from the permit office at tel no 012 319 7514/-7414 (Mrs Labuschagne) or fax no 012 329 8292 or via the following link: Link to Application forms

Applications for veterinary import permits will not be processed unless a payment of R110 per permit has been received.


Veterinary Health Certificate


A Veterinary Health Certificate, which is in compliance with the conditions stipulated by the South African Veterinary Import Permit, must be obtained from the veterinary authorities in the country of origin before the product is shipped.


Port of Entry


All animals and animal products must be inspected at the port of entry, which will be stipulated on the veterinary import permit.


The original veterinary import permit and the original veterinary health certificate must be presented to the veterinary officer responsible for import control at the port of entry.