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Analytical laboratory services

Pesticide residues in fresh produce   

The Department of Agriculture provides a chemical residue auditing service for plant products that are presented for export as part of an official regulatory system. This subsidised service supports the regulatory system to provide an indication of the levels of chemical residues for compliance with international standards with regard to bilateral agreements between governments and South Africa’s commitments to the WTO/SPS agreement. As a member country of the Codex Alimentarius, South Africa is committed to the international standards for protocols and procedures accepted by this organisation.

As an auditing laboratory, multi-residue methods are mainly used to screen regulated export plant products to cover the widest possible spectrum of chemical residues and contaminants, made up by registered chemicals, international requirements, banned chemicals, etc.  

List of pesticides

Pesticide residue results – 1995 - 2001 

Dairy and processed food 

Quality control analyses are done on regulated dairy and processed food products. These products are regulated under the Agricultural Product Standards Act of 1990, (Act 119 of 1990) to protect consumers against imitations and products of low quality. 

Regulated products includes:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Salad dressings
  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Fruit juices
  • Vinegar
  • Bread

The analytical laboratory provides a service to the line function divisions of the regulatory system.


Analytical services North

3rd floor, Dirk Uys building  
Hamilton Street                               
Private Bag X258
Pretoria 0001

Tel: (012) 319-6089
Fax: (012) 319-6038
e-mail: pieterb@nda.agric.za


Analytical services South

Analytical services for the eastern, western and northern Cape provinces are done in Stellenbosch  


  • Render a supportive laboratory service (South), which include liquor product analysis and product analysis for chemical residues to ensure the auditing of sanitary requirements of regulated agricultural products in the South

  • Analyse liquor products

  • Analyse rooibos tea

  • Analyse products for chemical residues  

Department of Agriculture  
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