National Agricultural Research Forum (NARF)


A long series of extensive consultations, plenary sessions, and development of supportive documents and among major stakeholders of the status of the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) in South Africa led to consensus agreement, establishment of eventual launch of South African National Agricultural Research Forum (NARF) in May 2002.


The Mission of the NARF is to facilitate consensus and integrate coordination in the fields of research, development, and technology transfer to agriculture in order to enhance national economic growth, social welfare and environmental sustainability.
NARF's activities are implemented by the NARF Secretariat. The Secretariat is situated in the national Department of Agriculture. The NARF Secretariat is responsible for providing sectoral support to the NARF Plenary and Steering Committee, composed of representatives of NARF's stakeholders headed by a chairperson who, in turn, is responsible to the NARF Plenary session. The Plenary is the highest organ of the NARF.


Membership of the NARF is restricted to the organized bodies and requests are done by way of application and acceptance by the plenary session of the forum. Entities meeting the following criteria can apply for membership under any of the following categories:

The functions of the NARF are to:

Principles and values

National Agricultural Research and Development Strategy

Memorundum of Understanding for National Agricultural Research Forum