I.        In applying Title II and III of the Agreement, the Contracting Parties agree that the methods of analysis recognised as reference methods by the International Vine and Wine Office (OIV) and published by that Office or, where an appropriate method does not appear in this publication, a method of analysis complying with the standards recommended by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), shall prevail as reference methods for the determination of the analytical composition of the spirit in the context of control operations.


II.   Pursuant to Article 18(b) of the Agreement, the following shall be considered to be small quantities:


1.      spirit in labelled containers of not more than 5 litres fitted with a nonreusable closing device where the total quantity transported, whether or not made up of separate consignments, does not exceed 100 litres.

 2.      (a)   quantities of spirit not exceeding 30 litres per traveller contained in traveller's


(b)     quantities of spirit not exceeding 30 litres forming part of consignments from one individual to another; 

(c)     quantities of spirit forming part of the household effects of individuals moving house; 

(d)     which are imported for the purpose of scientific or technical experiments, subject to a maximum of 1 hectolitre; 

(e)     which are imported for diplomatic, consular or similar establishments as part of their duty-free allowance; 

(f)      which are held on board international means of transport as victualling supplies.

The case of exemption referred to in point 1 may not be combined with one or more of the cases of exemption referred to in point 2.