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PERMITS - 2012

Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and Total Allowable Efforts (TAEs) - 2012
2012 Demersal Sectors-Section B .
2012 Demersal Shark Longline Permit Conditions .
2012 Hake Horse Mackerel Permit Conditions .
2012 Horse Mackerel Permit Conditions .
Abalone Permit Conditions for 2011_2012 season .
Abalone transport Permit Conditions for 2011_2012 season .
Anchovy 2012 conditions .
Approved 2012 Conditions_SSFM .
Exemption Conditions 2011-2012 standardised .
KZN Prawn Trawl 2011 .
KZNPT Fishery Permit Conditions 2012 .
Oyster Permit Conditions for 2012-2013 season in KwaZulu Natal .
Oyster Permit Conditions for 2012-2013 season in the Southern Cape .
Patagonian Toothfish Fishery Prince Edward islands SA EEZ .
Sardine 2012 conditions .
South Coast Rock Lobster Fishery Conditions 2011-2012 .
Squid Catch 2012-2013 Permit Conditions .
Squid Transport 2012-2013 Permit Conditions .
Squid Transport 2011-2012 Permit Conditions .
Tuna Longline Fishery .
Foreign and Domestic vessels to Transship in SA's EEZ .
West Coast Rock Lobster Nearshore 2011-2012 .
West Coast Rock Lobster Offshore PC for 2011-2012 .
West Coast Rock Lobster Permit Conditions for 2011-2012 season .
White mussel permit conditions for 2011_2012 season .

Exports and Imports 2012

Export Permit Conditions 2012
Import Permit Conditions 2012
Public Notice - Imports and Exports Protocols 2012
Import and Export Form 2012

Fishing Permit Conditions 2011

West Coast Rock Lobster (Nearshore): 2010/2011 Fishing Season
Abalone Fishery: 2010/2011
Transport Permit Conditions: Abalone Fishery: 2010/2011
Experimental Pelagic Midwater or Pair-Trawling (Anchovy) and Pilchard: 2011

Interim Permits Exemption 2010/2011

Exemption Conditions for Fisheries under the Interim relief Dispensation for the 2010/2011 Fishing Season
Vrystelliingsvoorwaardes vir vissers onder die Tussentydse Verligtingsbedeling vir die 2010/2011 visseisoen



Marine Aquaculture Permit Conditions 2011

Annexure A1: Abalone Broodstock Collection
Annexure A2: Abalone Hatchery
Annexure A3: Abalone Grow Out Land Based
Annexure A4: Abalone Grow Out Sea Based
Annexure A5: Abalone Ranching and Harvesting
Annexure B: Bloodworm Broodstock Collection
Annexure F1: Finfish Broodstock Collection
Annexure F2: Finfish Hatchery
Annexure F3: Finfish Grow Out Land Based
Annexure F4: Finfish Grow Out Sea Based
Annexure 4: Finfish Hatchery Management Protocol
Section B: Diving Activities in Listed Areas
Annexure O1: Oyster Hatchery and Nursery
Annexure O2: Oyster and Mussel Grow Out Sea Based
Annexure R: Red Bait Collection Biofouling
Section B: Scientific Investigations and Practical Experiments
Section B: Standard Marine Aquaculture
Annexure S: Seaweed Grow out

Requirements for Transport Permit

Requirements for a Permit to possess Broodstock and operate a Hatchery
Requirements for Commercial Export Permits
Requirements for Commercial Import Permits
Requirements for a Permit to engage in Mariculture activities including Transport, Vessel and on site Fish Processing Establishment Registration
Requirements for a Permit to operate a Land - and Vessel based Fish Processing Establishment

Requirements for Import of Marine Ornamental Organisms

Requirements for an Exemption and a Permit to possess and sell under-sized Cultural Abalone obtained from an authorized right holder
Requirements for the renewal of Fishing Vessel Licences



Fishing Permit Conditions 2010

Anchovy Final 2010 Conditions
Demersal Shark Longline
East Coast Rock Lobster Transport Permit Conditions
Permit Conditions: Patagoniah Toothfish
Export 2010 Permit Conditions
Import Permit Conditions
White Mussel 2010 fish permit conditions
Hake Deep-Sea Trawl 2010
Hake Handline 2010
FPE Conditions
Longline South Coast Inshore 2010
Longline South Coast Offshore 2010
Hake longline West Coast 2010
Isizulu: Intertidal Permit Condition
KZN Intertidal Permit Condition
Linefish Permit Conditions 2010
Intertidal Invertabrates Permit Conditions
Isizulu Line Fish Permit Conditions
KZN Line fish Permit Conditions
Horse Mackerel Fishery 2010
Hake Horse Mackerel Trawl 2010
Inshore Trawl Hake & Sole 2010
KZN Oyster 201 Fishing Permit Conditions
Intertidal Brown Mussel Permit Conditions
Interim Relief Permit Conditions
Large Pelagics-Swordfish Longline permit conditions
Tuna Pole Permit condition 2010/11
Oyster Permit Condition 2010
WCRL Nearshore Permit Conditions
WCRL Offshore Catch Permit Condition
WCRL Transport Permit Conditions
Line Permit Conditions
Beach seine 2010 A to K
Beach seine 2010 False bay Area
Commercial beach seine permit condition
Gill Drift Set nets 2010 Langebaan Area
KZN Mixed Shoaling Beach seine 2010-2011
KZN Pilchards Beach seine 2010
Squid 2010
Traditional Linefish Permit Conditions 2010

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