Africana, was built and commissioned in 1982 for the then Sea Fisheries Research Institute. She has achieved close to 40 000 scientific stations. The Africana is based in Cape Town and owned by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
The Africana is the flagship of the Branch: Fisheries. Her main roll is as a platform for research and monitoring the fish stocks which is undertaken to guide the management of South Africa’s offshore fisheries. An array of scientific winches caters for biological, physical and chemical oceanography research.
A suite of hull mounted acoustic transducers, high tech scientific echo-sounders and her speacialised design makes her one of the best vessel in the world for hydro-acoustic surveys.
A purpose- built stern trawler, the Africana is designed specifically for both Pelagic and Demersal trawling, hydro acoustic surveys, deployment of underwater sensors up to 6000m depth, towing of various sampling nets and is ice strengthened for working in the southern oceans where she has conducted krill surveys in the past.



Type:  Steel Hulled Fisheries Research Ship
Class:  Lloyds Register 100 A1 + Ice Class II
Keel Laid:  1979 (Commissioned in March 1982)
IMO Number:  7905405
Official Number: 350893
Call Sign:  ZUAB
Builders:  Dorbyl Marine, Durban
Gross tonnage:  2471.11 T
Nett tonnage:  617.78 T
Displacement:  3337 T
Length:  69. 886 m
Breadth:  15, 25 m
Moulded draft:  5, 5 m
Horsepower:  1790 kW (2400 BHP)
Cruising speed:  12 knots
Maximum speed:  14 knots
Minimum speed:  1 knot
Range:  20 000 nautical miles
Endurance:  45 days
Complement:  52 comprising 34 crew and 18 scientific/other staff
Affiliation:  Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Directorate:  Research

Single screw, Diesel Electric
3 x APE Allen Diesel Engines each developing 1044 kW at 600 rpm
3 x 750 kW Siemens DC Generators supplying Siemens Motors of 1790 kW at 174 rpm.
Bunker capacity 532 tonnes

2 x 550 kW Siemens Alternators driven by 2 of the 3 Main Engines.
Auxiliary power by 437 kW Deutz Diesel Engine driving 350 kW Siemens Alternator.

Anschutz Standard 20 Gyro Compass
Humber Mark 11 Standard Compass
Racal Decca Bridgemaster ARPA 340 Series S Band Radar
Max Sea Pro Chart Plotter
Decca 550 Arkas Type 42 E1.4 Autopilot
Raytheon DSN 450 Doppler Log
Furuno DS-70 Doppler Log with remote displays at Trawl Winch Console and in the
Acoustics, Hydrological and Biological Laboratories
Racal Decca AC 1690 X Band Radar
Trimble Navtrack GPS
Koden KGP – 98 GPS Navigator
Leica MX 412 Professional DGPS

Wind Speed and Direction - Furuno FW200
Air Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure and Atmospheric Relative Humidity - Aandreaa
Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity - Seacat Thermosalinograph
Weatherfax - JRC JAX-9A
Weather Satellite Receiver - Dart.Com P/C based

Communications Room
Global Email
Skanti Scansat-B Inmarsat-B
Nokia 8 Watt Cellphone fixed installation (Obsolete)
Sailor RT 143 VHF with Autolink
Marconi Marine Hermes Broadcast Receiver (Obsolete)

Full international GMDSS Station consisting of:
2 x Sailor RT2048 VHFs Maritime Band
1 x Sailor HF SSB RE2100
1 x Sailor HF SSB Telex RM2151
1 x Sailor Inmarsat-C
1 x Sailor T11 127 HF Tranceiver All Marine Frequencies
Sailor RT145 VHF
Internal Communications:
Broadcast System
Ring Call System
Telephone System

Simrad EK 500 38 kHz and 120 kHz Split Beam and 300 kHz Single Beam
Simrad ES 500 50/18 kHz Deep Sea Sounder
Simrad SP-70 Sonar
Simrad FS 20/25 Trawl Sonar
Simrad ITI Net Monitoring System

Hydraulic Brattvag Windlass
2 Pesci PI700 Cranes 0.5 ton
Petrel Knuckle Boom Crane SWL 2.8 tonnes at 10 meters
4000m x 11.88mm Conductor Cable
Petrel Stern Towing Winch 3 tons at 60m per minute
Clarke Chapman Main Trawl Winch: 2 x 25 ton finger capstans, 2 storage drums each
with 5000m x 26 mm Warp
Petrel Net Drum Winch 7.5m – 6.2 tons
Petrel Auxiliary Trawl Winch 2 x 10 tons
Petrel Fishing/Mooring Winches 2 x 10 tons
Elac Net Sonde Winch 2500mm Cable, constant tension
Clarke Chapman Hydrographic Winch Single Finger Capstan with 1 storage drum
5000m x 9.5mm Conductor Cable and 1 storage drum 6000m x 6mm SWR.
Lebus Large Towing Winch with 1 drum 2500m x 12.5mm Conductor Cable and 1 drum
2500m x 12.5 Conductor Cable.
Lebus Vertical Plankton Winch with 1 drum 1000m x 7.2 Conductor Cable
Lebus Small Towing Winch with 1 drum 1000m x 9.5mm Conductor Cable

Diesel electric configuration
Isolation of reciprocating machinery and special treatment of hull and propeller,
permits acoustics surveys to be conducted at speeds of up to 12 knots.

Lower Bridge Deck: Acoustics
Forecastle Deck: Operations Room / Computer room
Main Deck Amidships: Hydrology, wet and dry
Main Deck Starboard: Biological dry and wet plankton
Main Deck Port: Fish, wet and dry
Forecastle and Main Decks: 3 x Container laboratories

Air conditioning and separate temperature control
Positive pressure maintained in Acoustic Laboratory and Operations Room
Hot and cold fresh water, sea water (Acoustics and Operations Rooms excluded)
Ship's 220v/AC power as well an independent 220v/AC
Laboratory dedicated stabilized supply
2 Telephone systems
Acoustics, Hydro and Biological Laboratories have winch controls and talk back system
to working deck areas
Ring call system (speaker & microphone) at all main work points (not in Container
Data links to Operations Room
Fire alarm
Smoke detector
The above facilities are also available in the Container Laboratories, except as stated

Forecastle Deck and Main Deck

An Ethernet based Networked Data System (NDS) interfaced to a variety of
Navigational, Meteorological and Winch Systems, displaying these data on PCs housed
in all Scientific Spaces. There are Ethernet Nodes in all cabins for monitoring the NDS.
Parameters are monitored once per second, but only mean values and standard
deviations are logged once per minute.
The NDS facilitates interaction between the various spaces and permits the storing and
processing of real time and historical data at each work station.
In addition a Marine & Coastal Management Underway Mapping System has been
developed to produce horizontal sections, Track Charts, etc.
Seabird 911 Plus CTD with 12 x 8 litre Bottles, Flucrimeter, Transmissimeter,
Par Light Sensor and Altimeter
Seacat Thermosalinograph
Turner Designs flow through Flourometer
Expendable Bathythermograph
ADCP x RDI (750 kHz phased array)
Retractable Calibration Monitor for Echo Sounders
Retractable Underway water Sampling Probe
Universal Underwater Unit (Branch: Fisheries)
Electronic Fish Measuring Boards (Branch: Fisheries)
Ethernet Network and Nodes in all Laboratories and Cabins

Chief Scientist's cabin with Day Room and adjoining Conference Room
3 x Double Berth Scientist Cabins with Bathrooms are situated on Forecastle Deck
5 x Double Berth Scientist Cabins on the Lower Deck
1 x Single Berth Technician’s Cabin

All Accommodation, Public Rooms and Laboratories are air conditioned
Dining Saloon with adjoining Lounge provided with Television, Video Recorder and
Sound Systems
Bar for Soft Drinks, 2% Beer, Confectionery and Cigarettes
Duty Mess for Dining in Working Gear
Library / Personal Computer / Laptop Room

Passive Stabiliser Tanks 2 x 60 ton
Retractable Bow Propeller, 360° rotation (Azimuth Thruster)
Hospital, two bed, fully equipped with Dispensary

Within next five years