Statistics and Economic analysis


About us



The purpose of the Directorate Agricultural Statistics is t o collect and manage national agricultural statistics.



The vision of the Directorate Agricultural Statistics is t o be the most reliable and comprehensive source of unbiased national agricultural statistics and information.



The mission of the Directorate Agricultural Statistics is t o collect, process and interpret data and measure agricultural sector performance in order to disseminate relevant, reliable, unbiased, accurate and timely information so that any relevant stakeholders can make informed decisions.


Strategic Objectives

  • To produce agricultural statistics that serve the strategic goals of the Department of Agriculture.
  • To develop and maintain a comprehensive database of statistics on the South African agricultural sector.
  • To develop and maintain a register of South African farmers, including small-scale farmers, in order to represent all farmers in the statistics produced.
  • To improve the quality of the data we collect through the improvement of methodologies and systems for data collection, processing and dissemination.
  • To determine the needs and requirements of our stakeholders.
  • To provide statistical information in line with customer and stakeholder requirements.
  • To develop a brand identity for the Directorate.
  • To promote the development of statistical capacity in South Africa .
  • To ensure greater cooperation and integration of processes between the sub-directorates.
  • To enhance the skills and expertise of the personnel within the directorate.