Plant Production


About Us

Directorate Mandate:

To provide national leadership and support to plant production sector in South Africa that will enable it to play a meaningful role in ensuring food security, economic development, and poverty alleviation. This is done through the development, promotion and co-ordination of the appropriate regulatory frameworks and practices.

Directorate Vision: 

A united, prosperous and sustainable plant production sector. 

Directorate Mission: 

Effectively develop, implement and monitor national legislation that will increase productivity, profitability, and competitiveness of the plant production sector through :

•  Developing, promulgating and promoting national policies to support sustainable plant quality and production.
•  Developing and promoting implementation programmes to improve crop production through capacity development.
•  Ensuring effective regulation and monitoring of compliance to National regulatory and policy frameworks.
•  Assessing the impact of plant production systems/programmes.
•  Rendering advisory services on crop production matters.

The Directorate administers the following Act on behalf of the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries:

•  The Plant Improvement Act. 1976 (Act No.53 of 1976)

Directorate Values:

  • Team work: Maximum participation, respect and co-operation
  • Integrity: Display high levels of work ethic
  • Commitment: Taking ownership and accountability for decisions and actions that need to be taken
  • Service Excellence: Efficient and effective delivery of knowledge and information to key stakeholders
  • Transparency: Continuously interact with all stakeholder in a courteous and open manner