Animal Production







Dairy Herd Improvement in South Africa – Agricultural Research Council: Animal Improvement Institute (ARC:AII). E-mail: , Website:

Dairy mail – Milk Producers Organisation in South Africa (MPOSA). E-mail: , Website:

Dairy mail Africa – MPOSA. E-mail: National Dairy Animal Improvement Scheme – South Africa – ARC:AII. E-mail: , Website:

S A Livestock Breeding 2004 – South Africa Studbook and Livestock Improvement Association (S A Studbook). Website:

S A Stud Breeder – S A Studbook, Website:

Ubisimail – MPOSA, E-mail:

Farmers Weekly a nationally distributed magazine publishing 

Lanbou Weekblaad a nationally distributed magazine publishing

Nafu News. A magazine produced by the National African Farmers Union

Pluimvee/poultry: A monthly magazine produced and distributed by SAPA 

Wezolimo: A news letter produces by the Department of Agriculture


Agri News:
Monthly magazine distributed by Department of Agriculture

Go Farming: Monthly magazine distributed by Go Farmng