Breed Characteristics








The Duroc breed of hogs had its origin in the eastern United States and in the Corn Belt. It would seem       
 presumptuous today to attempt to identify the foundation stock of the breed, which was originally called      
 the Duroc- Jersey, because persons attempting to to write the history of the breed only a few years after     
 it was formed could not definitely state the exact  source of the red hogs that went into their foundation.      

 Durocs have considerable variation in color. An acceptable color may range from a very light golden, almost yellow color, to a very  dark red that approaches mahogany. The red is a very practical color that suits pork  producers, and since it is a solid color there is not concern about fancy points of proper markings. Durocs have a medium length and slight dish of the face. The ears should be drooping and should not be held erect.