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Managing Director: Mr Alan Mokoki
Land Bank, P O Box 375, Pretoria 0001.
Tel (012) 312 3999. Fax: 012-3123617.

Client service: 0800 00 52 59 (Toll free)
Web site:

Land Bank is a statutory body with a mandate from Government to support the development of the agricultural sector. The Bankís key strategic intent is to achieve financial sustainability focused on social and development impact. Meeting client needs by means of cost-effective and competitive products and services, building a representative, committed and an efficient workforce and good relations with stakeholders are critical elements in this strategy. The Bank provides a comprehensive range of retail and wholesale financial products and services designed to meet the needs of commercial and developing farmers and agriculture-related businesses.

As a statutory development finance institution, the Bank must fulfil a government mandate requiring it to:

  • support the development of all elements of the agricultural economy

  • give special attention to the needs of previously-disadvantaged people in the sector

  • benchmark its operating efficiencies and service delivery against financial-sector norms

  • ensure its financial sustainability.

Performance and scope

To equip itself to deliver on its mandate, Land Bank completed a major transformation process in mid 1999. The process involved extensive consultations with existing and potential stakeholders. The result is a more streamlined structure complemented by a new IT system. This enables the Bank to handle higher volumes of business at lower unit cost (The total portfolio currently stands at R16 Billion. It stood at slightly more than 15.5 billion at the end of 2000, up from just over 14.5 billion at the end of 1999.  

The Bank receives no ongoing grants or subsidies from Government, raising its funds on the local and international money markets. The Bankís conservative financial approach and good results are reflected in a premium risk rating, enabling it to access funds at favourable rates. The new Land Bank Act was drafted in 2002, bringing the Bank in line with constitutional requirements and recent legislation such as the Labour Relations Act.

Products and services

Land Bank gives low, medium and high-risk clients access to a full range of long, medium and short-term loans to meet all financial needs, including land and equipment purchases, asset improvement and production credit. During 1999 the bank added Gold Premium and Platinum risk categories to its existing Gold low-risk category. Clients who qualify on the basis of exceptional security and high loan values pay reduced interest rates. Specific criteria for medium and high-risk clients with limited security increases access to credit while minimising the risk of default.

Corporate and development finance

The Bank has a Corporate Finance Unit providing a range of wholesale products to intermediaries and finance to corporate clients involved in agriculture-related business throughout South Africa. Agribusiness is defined as up and downstream activities, comprises input manufacturing, and supply and output processing activities. The unit works closely with the newly established Development Projects Unit. Many projects do not get off the ground because of unaffordable loan repayments in the early years. The Development Projects Unit overcomes this by investing in projects and taking a share of the eventual profits, rather than charging interest. Land Bank has developed monitoring mechanisms, principles and criteria for project selection.

Social accounting, auditing and reporting

As a development finance institution The Bank has to measure both its social and financial performance. Another innovation was the decision to establish mechanisms to measure and assess the social impact of its activities on its stakeholders. This will help the Bank to focus on what matters and makes a difference to its stakeholders. Outputs of the social accounting programme will include inputs into the design of products that support rural development, monitoring the impact of loans and other products and enhancing the equity contribution of procurement, employment and other business practices.

Black economic empowerment

The high price of farmland in South Africa makes it impossible to finance the purchase of land solely from returns on farming practices. In a bid to assist historically disadvantaged people to gain entry into farming, Land Bank has introduced a low-interest loan for historically disadvantaged, first-time buyers of agricultural land. The interest rate is set at 10 % and is reviewed after 24 months. Land Bank is committed to keeping the interest rate as low as market circumstances allow.

A wide number of the Bankís activities converge to support its Black Economic Empowerment Initiative. These include pricing based on risk, wider access to credit, new product lines, new risk criteria, step up micro-finance, equity investments, preferential access to bought in properties and increased use of black service providers.


To address the widespread need for microfinance in rural areas, the Land Bank introduced the Step Up Scheme in April 1998. This enables people with no security to borrow an initial amount of R250. If clients repay on time they can Ďstep upí to a R500-loan, continuing to a maximum loan of R18 000.

At this stage, Step Up clients have a track record that qualifies them for Land Bankís high to medium-risk categories, by October 2002, 104 782 people had taken out Step Up loans, up from 35000 in 1999, with repayments running at 87 %.

Land Bank branches and satellite offices

Contact the Branch Manager at your nearest branch to find out about satellite offices and agents near you and to obtain other information on how the Bank can support agricultural entrepreneurs in your area .


192 Visagie Street, Pretoria 0002. 
Tel (012) 312 3999


1 Beeren Street, Cradock 5880. 
Tel (048) 801 8900.
Satellite offices: Adelaide and Burgersdorp.

Pebble Mill House, Victoria Crescent, Selborne 5201, (East London).
Tel (043) 721 0710. 
Satellite offices: Queenstown and Umtata.

51 Newton Street, Port Elizabeth 6001. 
Tel (041) 365 1927.


16 Van der Merwe Street, Bethlehem 9700.
Tel (058) 307 5200. 
Satellite offices: Phuthaditjhaba.

78 St Andrew Street, Bloemfontein 9301. 
Tel (051) 404 1400.

138 Cross Street, Kroonstad 9500. 
Tel (056) 216 6200.


7 Ueckermann Street, Heidelberg 2400. 
Tel (016) 341 9600.
Satellite offices: Standerton, Delmas, De Deur and Randfontein.

375 Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria 0002. Tel (012) 312 3999.
Satellite offices: Brits, Pienaarsrivier, Randfontein, Bronkhorstspruit and Rethabiseng.


133 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg 3201.
Tel (033) 845 9600.
Satellite offices: Empangeni, Kokstad and Port Shepstone.

C/o President & Utrecht Street, Vryheid 3100.
Tel (034) 989 8500. 
Satellite office: Pongola.


29 De Clercq Street, Ermelo 2350. 
Tel (017) 811 0800.

184 Jan van Riebeeck Street, Middelburg 1050.
Tel (013) 283 3500

29 Bester Street, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel (013) 754 2400.


90 Church Street, Nylstroom 0510. 
Tel (014) 717 5331.
Satellite offices: Ellisras and Pienaarsrivier.

44 Schoeman Street, Pietersburg 0700. 
Tel (015) 291 9100.

Morgan Building, Morgan Street, Tzaneen 0850.
Tel (015) 306 6000.


17 Stigling Street, Calvinia 8190.
Tel (027) 341 8140.
Satellite office: Springbok.

55 Schroder Street, Upington 8800. 
Tel (054) 338 8400.
Satellite office: Prieska.


28 Buchanan Street, Lichtenburg 2740. 
Tel (018) 632 7700.
Satellite offices: Mooifontein and Mmabatho.

80 Church Street, Potchefstroom 2520.
Tel (018) 293 9400.
Satellite offices: Ventersdorp and Wolmaransstad.

169 Plein Street, Rustenburg 0300. 
Tel (014) 590 6900.

39 Mark Street, Vryburg 8600. 
Tel (05391) 2105.


74 Bird Street, Beaufort West 6970. 
Tel (023) 414 8300.
Satellite office: Hopetown.

54 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town 8001.
Tel (021) 487 9500.

55 York Street, George 6530. 
Tel (044) 803 8800. 

Voortrek Street,Swellendam 6740 
Tel (028) 514 8200. 

60 Breda Street, Paarl 7620  
Tel (021) 860 2100.  

49 High Street, Worcester 6850  
Tel (023) 348 6820.  

Toll: 0800 00 52 59   

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The General Manager: Mr Andrew Makanete
Absa AgriBusiness,
P O Box 7735, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel (011) 350 6854. Fax: 011-350 5247.


Absa AgriBusiness, the agricultural department of Absa Bank, is one of the largest agribusiness units in South Africa. It has a national footprint with approximately 53 AgriBusiness Specialists servicing this sector.


To support Absa Groupís mission: "to be partners in growing South Africaís prosperity, by being the leading financial service group serving all our stakeholders".   Absa AgriBusinessís vision is to be a focused financial services provider in the agribusiness-market segment.

Target market

Absa AgriBusinessí target market comprises of both the commercial as well as developing agriculture.  Its focus is on retaining and selective acquisitioning of its dominant market share in commercial agriculture.

In order to maintain its market leadership into the future, an attraction strategy is currently being implemented in developing agriculture.

Products and services

Absa provides a range of products and services specifically developed for the agricultural sector.  Products are tailor-made to meet the needs of the clients.

Products and services offered are, amongst others, cheque accounts, overdraft facilities, term loans, mortgage loans, asset finance, investments, estate and asset management, insurance and assurance, international banking services, contract growing, hedging and trading as well as electronic banking services and advisory services.

Apart from these products and services, Absa AgriBusiness is involved in Joint Venture finance to developing agriculture where Government instruments are applied.


By means of both the agricultural as well as the business media Absa AgriBusiness ensures that both, internal as well as external clients are fully informed of the developments in the agricultural market.

To achieve this, Absa AgriBusiness liaises closely with National and Provincial Government, Parliament, agricultural leaders, agricultural and farmers unions and other role-players in Southern Africa.

AgriBusiness contacts:

Absa AgriBusiness: P O Box 7735, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel (011) 350 6854. Fax: 011-3505494.



Gauteng North: P O Box 578, Pretoria 0001.
Tel (012) 370 7444. Fax: 012-3224112

Gauteng East: P O Box 26857, East Rand 1462.
Tel (011) 874 8009. Fax: 011-8235730.


P O Box 2952, Durban 4000. 
Tel (031) 310 2056. Fax: 031-3377415.


P O Box 866, Kimberley 8300. 
Tel (053) 839 5219. Fax: 053-8314541.


P O Box 9310, Pietersburg 0700. 
Tel (015) 290 8011. Fax: 015-2974529.


P O Box 70, Mmabatho 2735. 
Tel (018) 406 1170. Fax: 018-4623799.


P O Box 1808, Port Elizabeth 6000. 
Tel (041) 508 9111. Fax: 041-5822217.


P O Box 6588, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel (013) 752 6499. Fax: 013-7526495. 


P O Box 323, Bloemfontein 9300. 
Tel (051) 401 0553. Fax: 051-4010539.


P O Box 3973, Tygervallei 7536. (Cape Town)
Tel (021) 917 5100. Fax: 021-9149556.

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The Senior Manager - Agriculture: Mr Jan van Zyl.
P O Box 7750, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel (011) 371 9824. Fax: 011-3524702.

FNB: First National (Agriculture) is a subdivision of FNB, which is part of the FirstRand Group.


FNB: First National aims to be the banker of choice in the agricultural market segment, providing products and services which farmers accept as excellent value for money via an efficient delivery channel (i.e. FNB branches) achieved by a committed team dedicated to serving the farming community.

Target market

FNB: First National provides banking services to all farmers and farming businesses operating in non-urban and peri-urban areas in South Africa.

Products and services

The FirstRand Group and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services for all farmersí banking requirements. These include agricultural loans (short, medium and long-term finance), savings and investments, transmission of funds, insurance and many other banking services.

Agricultural Long-term Loans are used to buy farm property, make capital improvements such as fencing, water provision and soil conservation or to consolidate short-term debt (where farmers have previously financed fixed assets out of working capital or short-term finance).

Agricultural Project Loan is a medium-term loan product. It is a multipurpose agricultural loan suited for the acquisition of livestock, orchards, farm buildings, etc., which generates an income only after a certain establishment period.

Agricultural Cheque Account fulfils the transmission of funds requirements of a farming business, as well as providing a dedicated product for short-term (less than 12 months) production credit.

 FNB Agriculture Regional Offices in SA

Head office: P O Box 7750, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel (011) 371 9824. Fax: 011-3524702.


P O Box 617, Port Elizabeth 6000. 
Tel (041) 506 6236. Fax: 041-5861955.


P O Box 292, Bloemfontein 9300. 
Tel (051) 505 3201. Fax: 051-5053294.


P O Box 1894, Durban 4000. 
Tel (031) 369 5744. Fax: 031-3053257.


P O Box 414, Pretoria 0001. 
Tel (012) 309 1248. Fax: 012-3091250.


P O Box 64, Upington 8800. 
Tel (054) 331 2758. Fax: 054-3326191.


P O Box 45, Klerksdorp 2570. 
Tel (018) 464 8239. Fax: 018-4623740.


P O Box 4, Cape Town 8000.
Tel (021) 423 2202. Fax: 021-423225.

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Standard Bank Agriculture
PO Box 6702

Tel: 011 636 6162
 Fax: 011 636 8218



As one of the leading agricultural financiers in the South African market, Standard Bank Agriculture aims to be the most dynamic and professional by providing a comprehensive value add service and guidance to agricultural business.  

Target market 

Our customers are various role players in the agricultural supply chain.  Parallel to commercial farming, Standard Bankís emerging farm section, focuses solely on the development of emerging farm projects. 

Products and services 

We provide a basket of products and services, such as AgriPlan, which is the trademark that groups together all of our agricultural products.  AgriPlan includes the services of specialist agricultural economists, managers and advisers, and incorporates other financial products and services offered by Standard Bank. 

A new service is our Grain Marketing Unit.  This unit focuses on the best grain marketing strategy for farmers, which includes crop and input insurance, risk management through trading on Safex and portfolio management. 

Agricultural banking is not only about loans and repayments, itís also about meeting the challenges of the agricultural industry and taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. 

Standard Bank Agriculture contact list 

Central Office
PO Box 6702

Tel: 011 636 6162
Fax: 011 636 8218

Eastern Cape
PO Box 35075
Newton Park
Port Elizabeth

Tel: 041 391 2429
Fax: 041 391 2240

Free State
PO Box 1586

Tel: 051 404 3460
Fax: 051 404 3208

PO Box 2511

Tel: 031 366 3060
Fax: 031 366 3341

PO Box 3957

Tel: 013 759 6447
Fax: 013 752 7503

PO Box 4282

Tel: 015 290 8359
Fax: 015 290 8354

Northern Cape
PO Box 626

Tel: 053 838 4905/4800
Fax: 053 838 4902

North West
PO Box 46

Tel: 014 597 7500
Fax: 014 592 8183

Western Cape
PO Box 40
Cape Town

Tel: 021 401 2555
Fax: 021 401 2980


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